Homestead Website Builder Review Is it any good?

Homestead Website Builder Review

Jimdo can be surely placed in the top 10 site building tools. The reason is it’s well-conceived and offers a fair amount of useful features for developing online stores or blogs.

  • When I set up my example site, one of the first steps was to choose a website design template.
  • Some of sections have multiple features, so they can be considered as separate convenient templates .
  • They also refuse to acknowledge or accept cancellations advised by email.
  • Mozello is an acceptable DIY solution with some features for eCommerce.
  • Wix isn’t as difficult to use as Shopify and WordPress but you should still expect learning Wix to take some time.

Hi, my name is Robert Brandl, and I am the founder of Tooltester. I used to work in a digital marketing agency where I managed website and email marketing projects. To optimize my client’s campaigns, I always had to find the optimal web tools. Tooltester opens this knowledge to you, hopefully saving you endless hours of research.


Within the SiteBuilder, there is a help menu that includes questions and help from the Homestead community. You can also chat online or speak on the phone with a web advisor. I did use the live chat feature once when building my example site and was able to get a quick answer. They do claim it’s unlimited but I can’t say for sure if a web advisor will spend hours with you on the phone. If you have any experience with the phone support at Homestead Websites, please comment below. When you use a website builder like Homestead, you will be limited to the website designs that the company offers. When I set up my example site, one of the first steps was to choose a website design template.

You can check up on page views, visits, uniques, new visitors, and returning visitors. You can even dig into referrers, visitor profiles, and more. It’s a rich set of tools that reminds me of Adobe Omniture in its power. You can even add tracking filters based on IP addresses. Costs $22.99 per month and comes with 5 GB of storage space, 100 GB per month of bandwidth, up to 100 pages, and up to three websites. For any of the plans, you can purchase additional marketing tools to help boost your site’s SEO. Basically, most customer reviews, along with, say that everything about Homestead is ugly.

What is the #1 website builder?

Weebly gets the top spot for one of the best website builders because of its low cost, flexibility and ease of use. In 2018, Square acquired Weebly, which combined the power of Weebly's drag-and-drop editor for site building and Square's e-commerce prowess.

If you are into coding and advanced website customization, there is a HTML/CSS code editor available in the toolbar. Drag and Drop Editor — Wix’s unstructured editor lets you drag and drop elements anywhere you want on a page— without constraint. Almost no other website builder provides a drag and drop interface like this— every other website builder has constraints . Shopify removes the obstacles to starting an online store. I don’t want to waste time configuring payment processors or manually setting shipping rates— I want to focus on creating and marketing great products! I can always revisit these options later if I need to.

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By way of assist, you get electronic mail and phone assist, however there’s no dwell chat and FAQs. Fortunately, customers can use the constructed-in RealTracker or add Google Analytics to trace their customer statistics. Years in the past, made web site creation attainable by utilizing Homestead SiteBuilder, a downloadable design program that’s now not used. These days, the corporate makes use of a brand new, extra fashionable net-based mostly builder, which makes it excellent for making a small enterprise web site or on-line retailer. You don’t must be knowledgeable to create your individual web site with Homestead.

Homestead Website Builder Review

Zoho Sites () lets everyone with absolutely no coding experience cope with creating both basic and more complicated powerful websites. Hopefully, this website builder review will assist you in determining which website builder software is ideal for you. With the best website builders, you can construct a truly professional and appealing website in a matter of minutes. For beginners and those who wish to display something fresh, there are many on- and offline website builder software options. During checkout, automatically adds a SiteLock upgrade to your package.

But WebStarts doesn’t offer a switch template option, so users should decide from the start which template they’re going to work with. Anyway, Homestead is worth a try, because it offers some templates and features users might find useful. UCoz () is a Russian free website builder, has been serving on the web since 2005, providing web hosting and CMS solutions. Generally, uCoz may be billed as a superb example of a free website builder, but it has some flaws anyway. The websites made with Hostpapa website builder are fully optimized for mobile devices.

I was privileged to byline the cover story of the last print issue of PC Magazine, the Windows 7 review, and I’ve witnessed every Microsoft win and misstep up to the latest Windows 11. 5 GB of storage, up to 3 websites and a maximum of 100 pages. Homestead offers a decent selection of more than 200 site templates, which can be filtered by industry or keyword. The templates are displayed via a large thumbnail of the home page, but unfortunately you can’t preview the template full-screen before you select it. Before you make a decision, read my colleague’s comparison of the best website builders to make sure you’re not missing out on better alternatives. On the whole, customers seem to really like the support they receive from Homestead.

There are a few, however, who find the support insufficient or ignorant. The uptime is also highly praised, again, with some nay-sayers who say the host has too much down time or not quick enough response to outages. However, I do have one problem with their templates; they are insanely generic. They don’t look very professional at all and look like they were developed in 1997.

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The Homestead Gallery is a grid of separate image files which can be enlarged by simply clicking on them. To enhance the speed of website designing, choose several elements from the side panel at once.

Homestead Website Builder Review

I use their 20.00 plan and plan on upgrading to their 49.99 plan. I even got a call the next day welcoming me to the homestead family. I don’t plan on going with anyone else and have recommended them many times to friends and family that are thinking about getting their own website. Hang up and try again, everyone Homestead Website Builder Review I have talked to has been awesome and helped me way beyond the 20 minute mark. This site is not a scam, it is great and the price for what you get is amazing. It is easy to use, easy to cancel and easy to up-date. But if you want something unique, you’re much better off with or Set My Site.

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Depending on the template chosen, you’ll be offered respective pages. Most default ones are About Us, Services, Products, Blank, Photo Gallery, Contacts, etc. To rename the page, add/change the description, augment the link styles, footer, and the description width, go to the Page Settings menu. Through Advanced Page settings, you can add JavaScript or HTML. As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through referral links or coupon codes on this page – at no additional cost to you.

Others report that their websites have been blocked, with no explanation. Become a verified brand rep for Homestead and amplify your brand’s voice on Knoji. Moderate content, respond to reviews, and promote offers. Knoji is a social discussion platform that’s 100% free to use. Established in 1996, Homestead is one of the oldest website building tools, and many novice website builders might think older is better and more experienced.

I was a platinum customer with Homestead paying $50 a month. There were things I wanted to add to my website that were apparently not possible with the site builder. I called customer service for assistance because the changes I wanted to make seemed pretty basic. After being on hold for 36 minutes, I talked to this guy with a thick Pakistani accent who essentially told me I was out of luck.

Compare to best hosting brands from Massachusetts, United States new

There’s also no way to edit the HTML/CSS code of your website which makes the website customization more limited. You can build unlimited websites using just one account of yours what makes this website builder stand out from their peers. Choose a plan and get started – it’s easy to begin with. If we dig into website builder review articles, Weebly is billed as one of the easiest online web design tools due to its intuitive drag and drop basis. Weebly’s free website builder requires no coding at all, but you still have options to alter HTML and CSS of your website for more advanced customization.

Zoho Sites is renowned for its feature-rich form builder. For example, its CRM builder allows to work with support requests and its forms are highly customizable. I won’t recommend a company that has been this hostile to its customers. What really bothers me is that has automatically added items to customer shopping carts in the past without telling the customer. Well since 2011, Vistaprint has launched their own website builder. I guess they decided it wasn’t worth it to run two website builders.

Homestead details

The store can accept credit cards or PayPal and facilitate a secure checkout for your customer safety. Customizing a template is as easy as modifying a document in Word because of apt instructions. You can take the benefit of robust multimedia support for including animation, video, and QuickTime clips for promoting your services. The editor also allows adding a blog as well as search and replace function. Apart from that, you can add several other widgets such as polls, forums, Facebook Like, maps, and guestbook. Knowing that companies have distinctive business demands, it is only prudent they avoid picking an all-encompassing, ideal business program. Having said that, it would be hard to come across such a software system even among branded software products.

  • This is due to the fact that Homestead seems to be stuck in the ancient history of web-building.
  • Add features like as an online marketplace, portfolios, email lists, forums, metrics, and more.
  • Almost no other website builder provides a drag and drop interface like this— every other website builder has constraints .
  • I’d suggest Squarespace or Wix if having stylish content pages or blogging is important to you.
  • However, it doesn’t allow scheduling and setting a precise date and time for automatic publication.

However, Homestead doesn’t provide users with the right to turn off comments entirely. Neither can you restrict access to your site through a signup membership.

Tools For Web Design Professionals — Webflow includes a separate, friendlier interface that you can hand off to clients and teams. Shopify Payments — You don’t need to connect to a 3rd party payment processor because Shopify includes a payment processor called Shopify Payments. But of course, you can also connect to your own payment processor if you’d like.

Homestead Website Builder Review

Themes — Every Google Sites theme has the same layout with limited customization options. You can choose an accent color for your theme but not where to apply the accent color.

A website, once registered, comes with a pre-installed basic template. There are a series of different templates available to choose from, categorizing the color, theme, and purpose of the website. The website is also built with a set of common pages like About, Contact Us, etc. Some more pages according to the needs and requirements of the website can be included.

Homestead is a veteran in the website builder market. To its credit, it has acquired quite a following among those who just want a simple small business site. This builder has some strong features including a super-easy editor interface, SEO tools, and powerful reporting. It’s a good company for people who are pretty confident in using such services, providing tools necessary to build a fairly good site. It’s a pretty good place for storage, say for photos, or for a blog that has low traffic. There first plan is called the “Starter” plan which is $4.99/month.

How Good Is Homestead com?

Like most of the newer services, Homestead now lets you build your site with completely Web-based tools. Homestead has a clear, easy-to-use interface and good reporting tools, but it's pricier than the competition and, worse, falls far short of newer services when it comes to building mobile-friendly websites.

Don’t get me wrong I think the idea of what they are trying to do is great, but it simply won’t work for you. The templates look like they were created in 1997 and your website won’t look modern or even remotely professional. One big pain for them is their customer support; they also have a lot of billing issues. They offer features that appeal to first time webmasters, but they are overpriced and of very poor quality. With a wealth of features and flashy homepage, Homestead certainly present a professional image.

Homestead Website Builder Review

It’s very clear and enables users to quickly spot the necessary tools. To edit a page, you just click the desired area and make the changes. With this helpful button, you can add, resize and move around various objects such as text boxes, images, etc. Far not all contemporary site builders provide such an option. The Insert button leads to adding images and videos, text, contact forms, maps, stores, and even custom HTML and forms. If you want to add an image from your PC to your site, use the Image Upload button.

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